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We all face challenges, every day.

That fact will never change; all we can change is how we respond to them.

We make that desired change into a reality by learning, and then taking strategic action.

Most people struggle with obstacles/challenges instead of going up/under/around/through them.

When a client asks me to help them identify the best candidates to be contractors or employees, I recommend that they ask applicants a few questions (this is a longer list, to make a point).

By what method/principle do you:

  1. Manage Your Time?
  2. Monitor Your Priorities?
  3. Validate Your Thoughts?
  4. Verify Your Knowledge?
  5. Identify Fake News?
  6. Recognize When Someone Is Lying To You?
  7. Learn Something New?
  8. Resolve Conflicts & Disputes?
  9. Provide Someone with Instructions?
  10. Assemble and Use a new Product?
  11. Plan and Execute a Business Plan?
  12. Provide Customer Service?
  13. Market Your Business?

I could go on, but my point is this:

Most people don't have a method or principle on which to call upon for support and confidence in any of those situations.

Most people are creating ad hoc (unplanned, unique, inefficient, costly) "solutions" to these everyday challenges.

Don't be most people.

You can learn 1 simple and easy method, and modify that method do consistently deliver desired results in all of those situations (and many more).

Want to Learn How?

I've created a recipe for success which addresses all the challenges above (and more), simple ingredients used in different proportions create your process for dealing with what most people struggle with.

That's a serious advantage, offered to the brave few who still read & think - and want to grow in the light direction.

I've had a tremendous response from the Beta-User offer, I'll be announcing that open enrollment is closing later this afternoon.

The offer is good for members of this list (Critical Thinking Trifecta), through November 30th, allowing for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Carpe Diem (& make a better day for Tomorrow)!

Your Instructor

Richard Grove
Richard Grove

“Challenge yourself - to sharpen your mind, to strengthen your intellect, & to ignite your potential; embark on journey, it begins with the next evolution of learning." -Richard Grove

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